White Bear Township, MN

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Seeing My Hard Work Pay Off at Farrell's

Everyone has their reasons for wanting to create a healthy lifestyle change. It may be by doctor’s orders, they may do it for themselves, or maybe they do it for their loved ones. It took me a while to commit to a healthy lifestyle change, but my Farrell’s family helped me stay committed to my goals through all of their positive encouragement.

A Second Chance for Success at Farrell's

By the end of that second 10-week session, I was fitting comfortably into size 34 jeans after starting at size 42.* My doctor was even amazed - she was absolutely giddy as I was her first patient she completely took off of medications.

From Physical Therapy to Kickboxing at Farrell's

Farrell’s taught me that it’s a whole package for a healthy and happy life. Farrell’s means renewed strength and mental clarity. It means energy and accomplishment. It means being the best I can be, all the time. Farrell’s has helped me overcome some major setbacks through their great support and encouragement.

Farrell’s Reminded Me Who I Am

They welcomed me in when I needed encouragement and motivated me to expect more from myself. I have lost 20 pounds* and have gained loads of muscle, but best of all I found “Me ”.

Farrell’s is a Life-Changer!

FIT Member Ben has experienced struggles with weight from being overweight to not weighing enough. Check out his story and how Farrell's taught him how to live a realistic and healthy lifestyle.



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  • Bob Mcleod - Spring 2015_final
  • Lisa Cave - Spring 2015_final
  • Justin Paulson - Summer 2015
  • Chelsie Graven - Summer 2015
  • Kelsie Bohm - Fall 2015_v2
  • Jason Thompson - Fall 2015
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  • 2016 Spring Farrells-White Bear Winner Goran Roknic
  • 2016 Spring Farrells-White Bear Winner Susan Perron
  • Summer 2016 Winner White Bear MN

Location Info

1210 County Road J
Suite #104
White Bear Township, MN 55127

Phone: (651) 407-2942
Head Coach: Jillian Faber
Franchise Owner: Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping
Email: jillianfaber@extremebodyshaping.com



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